Are You Living Your Dream?

February 10, 2011

I ask myself this at least once a day.  I find that the more I ask myself this question the closer on track I stay.  I really am living my dream right now.  So here’s the proverbial ‘but’:  but I have to get better at it.

I can hear you now: what does THAT mean?  That means that living your dream is a fluid thing.  It changes and evolves.  That means that your plans for your dream also change and evolve.  The result of all that evolving is trying to remember why you’re doing what you’re doing, making sure that what you’re doing is on target, making sure that the things you’ve already done are working, still good, working for you… you get the idea?

It can always be better.  I can always do better even as my dream gets closer and closer to what I really want.  How about you?  What is your dream?  What is your game plan to get there?  How much time are you willing to spend to get ‘there’?  Make a 5 year goal and plan for how you think you can meet that goal.  Keep reminders of that around you like in your wallet so every time you open it you see it, or by your bed so you see it first thing in the morning and/or the last thing at night.   Make sure you see it at least once a day.  That subliminal message will work on you unconsciously.  Without even realizing it you’ll be taking steps to make those things happen that get you closer to your dream goal.

One day I said: I want my work to be in books and magazines.  I made the work knowing that this would be the first key.  People saw the work and suddenly, (over time!),  it was in a lot of books and magazines.  Now these opportunities seem to just sprout every year.

One day I said:  I want to travel and teach. And so I am and have been for years now.  There are always new teaching opportunities coming my way every year, too.  Now it’s second nature to work with this in mind which continues to create options and solidify my steady venues, too.

One day I said:  I want to have my work sold by others.  And so it is.  I’m continuing to develop this dream goal and getting this fine tuned today. What do I need to do?  Make more things to sell which requires some time management on my part.  I’m currently working a plan to free up time to create my work more.  I’ll assess at the end of the year if this approach worked.  I can fine tune it at that time.

I think you get the idea so go forth and figure out where is YOUR there?


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