Treasures for Monday

January 17, 2011

Somehow I fell into a very cool site that is filled with the treasures of the American Library of Congress at:

It is full of great fine art, book arts and more.  It’s about imagination, literary arts and art in general.   It includes a great picture of Groucho Marx because they have his letters in the manuscripts archives of the Library of Congress…stuff you don’t really think about but would be fascinating to read.  There are also prize artifacts like Charles Dickens’ walking stick (wood with ivory head).  Who knew all these things are wonderfully preserved?  Think of all the amazing thoughts they relate to…worlds imagined, lives created and real, stories told and re-told.  Things that filled people’s lives, objects they lived with every day…it must be amazing.  I might have to plan a trip for research there some day!

I really like the pictures on this site.  It’s all very inspiring.  Go there forthwith!  Get inspired!


One Response to “Treasures for Monday”

  1. marie s said

    Thanks for the link!!
    have a wonderful week.

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