Tory Hughes, Artist with Grace

January 14, 2011

I have talked a lot about mentoring and teaching and I thought I would share someone who is very good at all of that: Tory Hughes.  Tory is a vital, vibrant and brilliant artist living in Santa Fe, NM.  I met her in 1994 and was struck by how authentic she is.  She is herself and none other, something I always appreciate.

Tory has created amazing jewelry, sculpture, vessels and other art pieces, a lot from polymer clay, wire, mixed media and found objects.  She carries a delightfully whimsical color palette into most everything she does.  Her life is always full of content and I treasure our chances to have long conversations though they are far between.  Her perspective and wisdom are uncanny.

5 Simple Directions - a book built for artists.

Her new book, ‘5 Simple Directions’ should be in every artist’s library.  I was lucky enough to see some of it before printing and I just wanted to read and read.  That’s one thing about Tory:  I can never get enough of her ; her thoughts;  her presence or her art.

This book is a five-part self coaching manual written for artists and it’s pure gold.  It’s interactive, pro-active and yet fun despite covering some serious topics that all of us artists struggle with.


I’m always struck by her grace.  I swear that woman dances when standing still!

If you get a chance to check out her website: do so.


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