The Verriest of Merries!

December 27, 2010

Sorry for my absence of late. I’ve been bouncing around trying to fit lots in, as one does with this season. I’m still going to physical therapy/occupational therapy so that is taking up lots of my time. It’s a top priority to get my hand and arm back to snuff. It seems to be taking forever and though I am trying to be patient…well let’s just say I’m tired of pain. It is sucking out my energy and more of my time than I want to give it. Some day I will be able to put my arm down on a table and rest it there without thinking about how to do that so it doesn’t hurt. That day is a goal – maybe further than I want it to be but I know that I’ll be there again sometime.
On the positive side I’m crocheting a polka dotted tote bag that I’ll felt in the washer once it’s done. I can do little bits at a time some days and other days, (if P.T. Wasn’t so bad) I can do more.
I can’t believe it’s Christmas already. It’s hard to believe that an arm and hand can take up so much time that months have passed…
Well, be well and enjoy everything you can while you can. We don’t get much time here so treasure what you’ve got, the people in your life here now and the privilege of knowing those that are gone now. It’s all there is. Merry Christmas!


One Response to “The Verriest of Merries!”

  1. marie s said

    Merry, mery Mer!
    Hang in there girl!
    Love and huge hugs.
    A Happy and love filled New Year to you and yours.

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