Art Supplies in the Seasonal Aisle

December 13, 2010

It’s that time: setting up lights outside, inside, on every side and it creates the need to run to the store to replace whatever isn’t working this year, right?  So there we were in the seasonal aisle and I realize I’m looking at a bunch of art supplies on sale with a substantial discount!  REAlly!  Just think about it:

– Plastic faceted garland, ice blue, 15 ft. Regularly $1.99 but at 40% off it’s $1.39.

– Plastic bead garland, gold, 60 ft. Regularly $6.99 but at 40% off it’s $4.19.

– Tinsel, 99 cents for a package (it doesn’t come in that neat box anymore!).

So what to do with these great, inexpensive things?  What came to my mind:

1.  Run the bead garland around the edge of a shrine.

2.  Lay tinsel through a painting/collage.

3.  Use tinsel like “fringe” on a fabric book.

4.  Outline the frontis piece or vignette on a book cover with beaded garland or tinsel.

5.  Make jewelry out of garland: three strand bracelets or shoulder duster earrings.

6.  Turn garland into a beaded curtain.

7.  Glue garland onto the back wall of a box in rows and paint over it for texture.

8.  Glue garland to a mirror so the reflection makes it look like a million beads.

9.  Collage tissue paper over garland on a collage.  That would look pretty cool!

10.  Glue a string of garland or tinsel across the top of your eye glasses or around a bowl or edge a plastic plate.

There.  I just thought of 10 things I can do.  What can you think of?


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