Here’s an Artist’s Gift

December 8, 2010

I come across a lot of cool sites and stuff and a gift I can give to you this season is a great nexus page at Etsy.  Etsy Labs has a lot to share.  You can find projects to make and tutorials on things there.  I ‘re-learned’ this fact today when researching about fusing plastic bags to make a fabric that can be sewn, etc. as a way of recycling the ubiquitous plastic bags we all have.  How did I get to fusing plastic bags?  I was refreshing my memory on how to make PLARN…PLARN?  It is PLastic bag yARN.  I have been looking up crochet patterns to help rehab my recently surgeried arm and hand when I came across fusing plastic bags.

Anyway, the Etsy Labs page you will want to check out is:

Notice the huge list of fun stuff on the right that include making boxes from recycle paper, making lip balm, and T-shirt reconstructions but also notice a bit lower on the page on the right about accepting credit cards at shows, shoe box shelves and more.  I plan on checking out the staple altered t-shirts tutorial for sure…(MARIE: check it out! Could be SteamPUNK!)  =)

Have fun: what’s the point otherwise??



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