Words of Artist Wisdom: An Artist Code

December 2, 2010

You’ve probably figured out by now that I tend to scope around the net when researching things, etc.  I ran across a website when I in an obsession fueled interest in felting,   www.woolywalkers.com that was interesting to me.  I just received an email from them for the holidays, of course.   It contained a number of tips that I think are worth sharing.  In the name of copyright I have paraphrased and edited a bit so that I’m not stepping on any toes:

Tip #1

Do what you want to. You need to do things that are good for you. Life is too short to live it any other way.


Make sure you have friends that are also benefactors; friends who respect and support you.  People that don’t respect you or support you are wasting your precious time (which is your life!). This helps you to find those who will help you become the best artist you can be, the way you want to but don’t forget about being a good friend, too.  How can you support an artist friend? Do it.  It will all come back to you if you do.


Stop looking at it, reading about it, waiting for the next great book to be published, the planets to be aligned, it is time to get to do what you love. Yoda said:  JUST DO IT! (Yes, I am a teacher and this would put me out of business but there is a point where you just have to move along and do!)

Tip #4

Investigate thoroughly any and all storage ideas and solutions, you will need them.  Trust me, the organization junkie…  =)


Never substitute your own intelligence for someone else’s. Trust yourself.  (I couldn’t say this any better so left it as it is).


New ideas are the building blocks to explore the next idea you learn.   Each concept, idea, or new skill combined with what you already know will create more unique work from you.  Keep growing and learning your art.


Don’t go making someone else into the expert. You are your own expert. Learn from others, yes. Turn off your divine brain for others – no. (Again, this is put so well I didn’t edit it).


Try anything you think of.  A worthy thought is worth doing.  Don’t look to someone else for THE answer, look to them for feedback.  There is a difference.  You probably already have the answer but perhaps someone has thought of something you haven’t or has a different spin that might be fun to incorporate…then again, perhaps not!


What you are doing, the act of making something is the best gift. You give it to yourself, it delights the eyes of others and you leave a part of yourself that no one else can create or replicate.  The time you spent is a gift to you, the end result is a gift to others.


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