Studio Craft and Pricing Your Work

November 8, 2010

Leaves necklace by Bruce Metcalf, 2010

I know I’ve written about the subject of pricing your work before but I find that this is one topic that comes up repeatedly.  Sometimes more angles on a thing is better and this applies to pricing, too, I think.

I came upon a podcast through Etsy blog.  If you don’t know about Etsy blogs let me tell you right now that it’s a bright spot in the world.  You can find artist portraits, how-to videos and videos on specific artists’ process there.  It’s wonderfully inspiring.  Anyway, back to Bruce Metcalf.  There is a video spotlighting Mr Metcalf’s jewelry work and there is a bonus podcast.  In the podcast he talks about the history of craft and pricing one of a kind work.  Bruce Metcalf is in the process of writing a book about studio craft so it’s well thought out.  It’s worth taking the time to see and listen to what he has to say:

The podcast is at:

Or if you have an iPod, the podcast is available through iTunes.

Necklace by Bruce Metcalf, (


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