Artists Need Inspiration

November 3, 2010

Aluminum foil is an alternative medium.

Creativity thrives on generating ideas.  Sometimes ideas come faster than we can act upon them and sometimes not so fast.  Artists need those sparks of inspiration especially in the lean times.  Some artists set challenges for themselves like using only specific materials, colors or themes or generating a number of pieces in a specified time frame.

Here’s an artist, (Dominic Wilcox), generating projects each day to force himself into making quick creative decisions:


This sort of task gets the ideas flowing.  I learned from holding the ‘Creative Circle’ every month what this type of exercise can do for you.  For the Creative Circle I had to come up with a project that anyone could do with the materials costing less than $5.  Of course, the project needed to capture attention so people would want to do it, too.  One project was making tiaras on Mother’s Day, another creating silk bead necklaces.  Then there was quick hand bags, collage, books and more.  It was fun, intense and creatively inspiring!



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