The Artists’ Office, part 2

October 27, 2010

My most indispensable office tool is my digital camera. I know that sounds weird but let me explain:

I have a very portable, somewhat nomadic life hence I also need a portable office. My specific needs are to be able to record things on the fly, for example, when i’m traveling. Things like receipts, student rosters, inventory sheets for different places and so on always seem to get misplaced under piles of paper work…sound familiar? And who has time to drop everything to find one piece of paper or receipt? Not me. So instead, I use my most indispensable office tool. A digital camera is also a scanner! I shoot pix of receipts, rosters, confirmations of orders, shipping info, checks for deposit, contracts, boarding passes and more. This puts all these crazy bits of info into digital form that I can easily file and search for records in much less time. They take up little space, too!
A side benefit of using your digital camera this way is that you’ll really get to know your camera. That translates into being able to photo your own art work better, too. Look for making whites really white or black truly black – not green tinted for example. Practice goes a long way and shooting text is excellent practice for getting the right distance, color and clarity in your photos.


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