The Artists’ Office

October 25, 2010

I know technology for some artists is hard but I’ve learned a simple thing that makes my life easier that might help other artists administratively. Did you know that if you have WiFi in your house or office that you can set it up to also print wirelessly pretty easily?
That said, do know that there are always some variations that could be required due to differences in the equipment but quite simply, a printer can be cabled to a WiFi router box via an Ethernet or USB cable, (depending on what the printer and the router have ports for). There such things as adapters and adapter cables, too. For example, a cable that has a USB wafer shaped plug on one end and a different USB shaped plug on the other end. This makes it possible to configure various pieces of equipment properly.
Okay. So how does a WiFi printer set up make my admin tasks easier? I can be anywhere in the WiFi area and print documents without having to be in front of my computer. Think about it…I’m eating lunch and recall that I need to have some handouts printed or even a letter. I can do that from my laptop, iPod, iPad between bites. Or I suddenly remember I need to send that invoice. I can get it printed from wherever I am and pick it up from the printer when it’s convenient.
At work, I can print without changing where things are plugged in to hook up my laptop, etc. It’s especially handy when I’m not in the office. I can print from the meeting space and retrieve it without missing much of what was said.
If you know how to make a technological tool work for it can really be a benefit.


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