A History in Name Tags

October 13, 2010


Oh so many chances to be Meredith!


I used to show up at a local artist group meeting wearing all the name tags I’ve collected teaching and being a part of conference panels, etc.  I did this to make up for the rest of the year when I would forget to wear a name tag.  Now the funniest thing was that my friend, Linda Goff, would take one of my tags and wear it.  Then other people would take a tag and wear them so we would have like 5 Meredith Arnolds in the room.  New people would wonder… it was like an episode of the old T.V. show ‘To Tell the Truth’:  will the real Meredith Arnold please stand up?

Will the real Meredith Arnold stand up?

Now when I look at this large collection of name tags I can track my where abouts through the years because each represents an event, a bunch of classes or special appearances.  It’s an odd scrapbook of sorts dating back to 1996, I think.  Each bench marks highlights in my art career whether it’s being a featured artist at Facere Gallery in Seattle, teaching in Switzerland, being a delegate to China for Edmonds Community College, sitting on a panel with Grammy award winner Eric Tingstad, or filming a segment for ‘Beads, Baubles and Jewels in Santa Fe or Philadelphia.  Each one reminds me that it has been all about creativity and mentoring other artists.  I will always be amazed by all of it.

Some more of my 200 name tags collection.


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