Life of the Temporarily One Handed

October 8, 2010

I’ve found some odd things about temporarily being one handed that might amuse…

Best tips I can give:

–  Get shirts with square buttons.  So much easier!

–  Forget any unnecessary under clothing unless you aspire to become a contortionist or want to throw your back out, too.

– Marry well!

Most Annoying Things:

Buttering toast -The toast slides around and the butter won’t spread!  My husband’s suggestion? Staple the toast to the cutting board.  Funny guy.

Under this category is also spreading peanut butter – even worse is jam.

Opening jars – This requires leaving the kitchen to go sit down and placing the jar between your legs to get the lid off unless the lid is larger than your hand.  In that case a tool is required…

Lining a garbage can with a new bag – Can’t be done with one hand!  Not even with teeth helping.  Don’t fall in trying it either.  There is no way out!

Using a hair dryer – Husband’s idea: velcro dryer to wall OR velcro hair brush to wall, (he really does think these things up in the spur of the moment).  I found propping the dryer up on a towel rack with a towel to keep it in place works okay, but one side always looks ‘wind swept’ and the other side…well, let’s just say I could be two different people depending on which side you see first.

Pulling up heavy bed covers – if your hand slips, you punch yourself in the nose hard enough to get a nose bleed…in the middle of the night.  Trust me I know.

Washing the arm your only hand is on – lather soap on your leg, rub your arm all around in that and rinse.

At least I can say I’ve done all these things single handedly… =)


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