Books by Artists I’d Like to Meet

October 6, 2010

New books I’ve discovered that will expand your skills or really give you an idea of the Artists’ process are:

Progress Workbook by Kate McKinnon

Kate McKinnon’s Progress Workbook – Kate is a jewelry artist working in metal clay and glass but she doesn’t stop there. She also is a photographer. This book contains photos of things that have inspired her work, other people’s work that she finds powerful and many pieces of her own work as well. It also includes a section on tools, proper use of same, working with seed beads and more. Kate publishes this exclusively and it’s worth every penny. Find it at

Check out that jewelry!

Silver and Bronze Clay Movement and Mechanisms – Hadar Jacobson is another self publishing artist. While she is a jewelry maker, she is also a brilliant artist having created a line of metal clays that include copper, bronze and steel.  She combines these materials in exciting ways to form fun, movement oriented jewelry.  Clearly she’s another artist with a questing mind – my kind of people!  Find her books, classes and her work at

Note that both of these artists create unusual structures in jewelry.  Enjoy!


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