The Robot Arm

October 4, 2010

Okay, so my friend Pirkle, (aka Porro with two dots over each o!), thinks I’m teasing everyone by just talking about my robot arm splint and not showing pictures…  I’ve been posting via my new best gadget, my iPad, which uploads a link to pictures but not the actual image onto a blog, darn it.  Perhaps in a near future update of the Word Press app they’ll fix that ridiculous short coming.  Since there are updates to most apps almost weekly (free) it could happen soon…  Anyway where that leaves me is having to post from my laptop to include pictures in one step or create a post from the iPad and then edit it from the laptop.  Typing one handed is a pain in the butt to say the least.  My conventional laptop takes two keys pressed at the same time to make a capital letter, the iPad doesn’t require you to even remember to capitalize ‘I’.  It just does it for you!  It auto caps the beginning of sentences too so typing on that wizard gadget is soooo much easier.

Okay, so aside from stuff you don’t think about unless you’re one handed (try text messaging one handed? NOT on a slippery surface! The phone just scoots away from you hilariously), what about that robot arm??  The picture below just shows the brace without the splint underneath, (not a picture of me, btw).  My splint is also black so I look like RoboCop and runs from my hand to almost the elbow.

The robot arm, my new friend for the next three months...

It is very imposing looking and I’m sure people are afraid of me hugging them and crushing them or something.  But I can’t move my hand much because of the way the splint underneath is formed and trapping my hand in a specific position.

What a great thing 24/7.  I told my husband to start calling me ‘Clanky’…  =)


5 Responses to “The Robot Arm”

  1. The Robot Arm « Welcome to Meredith's World…

    I found your entry interesting do I’ve added a Trackback to it on my weblog :)…

  2. marie s said

    Pirkle har har har, I forgot all about that.
    Clanky is way better than Cranky, Mer!
    Love and hugs dear one.

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  4. anne bowers said

    hey Mer…I feel your pain girl…3 months…OMG…just take care of your self and like Marie says better clanky than cranky..will probably be getting my new knee in Dec…isn’t it great that there are spare parts for us????…

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