Friday Freebie: Tie Dying Paper

October 1, 2010

So why not fold paper up and then run a brush with ink in it along a folded edge? Each folded edge can be a different color. Let it dry, unfold and see the tie dye paper you’ve made!
What to do with such paper? What about using it in paintings, collage or even better: put resin on it. Sometimes I use these papers in the bottom of a bezel with resin on top, just remember to glue it down in the bezel so it won’t float! If you seal the paper with good old Mod Podge or white glue before putting resin on top, the paper will maintain it’s opacity. If you put the resin right onto unsealed paper then the paper becomes transparent. You can just coat the paper with some resin and let it set up to see how transparent the paper will go, too. It’s fun to have some of the resined paper around for different projects, too. You can use it three dimensionally by gluing it onto wire after you’ve bent the wire into the shapes you want. Kind of like putting a skin on a wire frame.
Some inks will run in contact with resins. You can use watered down Lumiere paints, acrylics or watercolors instead and have fewer issues. Have fun experimenting!


2 Responses to “Friday Freebie: Tie Dying Paper”

  1. what kind of resin do you use, meredith?

    • meredith11 said

      I use a variety of pourable, doming and UV curing resins. My favorite is the UV resin, Magic Glos, because it sets up under a UV lamp or in the sun. You can mix colorant into it, etc. without worry and it doesn’t pop up with as mnay air bubbles either.

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