Great Ideas for One Handed Artists

September 27, 2010

Okay, so I’m trying to think of ways that I can still create stuff despite not being able to use my hand for the next 3 months. Even though I can’t make jewelry or work in 3D like I usually do I figured out that I can make patterned papers to use in collage, making books and cards, incorporate into paintings and stuff like that. So I’m on a mission to pull together the things I would use for this. In the process I chose to start making patterned papers using resist techniques. This includes drawing onto paper through wax paper to lay down some wax which will resist paint when you go over it with a light wash. Using crayon would, too. It’s definitely given my right hand some practice at drawing!
This morning it dawned on me that what would be really cool is if someone would make an app for the iPad that would let you make ‘paste paper’. The touch screen interface is perfect for this and it would be a non-messy way to create papers that you could print out and use. How cool would that be?


6 Responses to “Great Ideas for One Handed Artists”

  1. Jenn said

    The fact that so many of my favorite iPhone apps aren’t available for the iPad is one of the biggest reasons I haven’t splurged on the iPad… yet.

    If Kaleidoscope were available for the iPad, then it would be a whole different ball game. =)

    On the other hand (no pun intended – really!), have you looked at any scrapbooking apps? Might be a possibility for making papers/backgrounds there, then running through an art app to collage?

    Hope your healing is going well!


    • meredith11 said

      There are some good ones that are iPad only, too, Jenn. Thanks for the interesting thought. I suppose I could make Brushes do paste paper. It has the transparency settings and layers, too. I didn’t think about that before!

  2. Pörrö said

    How about using the techniques where you crincle the paper and then sprintz it with colour or use stamps to add volume to the folds?

  3. marie s said

    I love the idea of using the wax paper for resist. You are so smart.
    What fun!!
    You could learn to make apps yourself.
    Have a great week, dear one!

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