Tools Any Artist Can Use

September 22, 2010

Because I work in many mediums I have the opportunity to see where a tool used in one field can be applied to another medium or area. A great versatile tool is stencils or templates. I use templates when I work in metal clay, polymer clay and even wire when making jewelry, for example. But I use stencils when painting or art journaling and if you really think about it, each of these methods are just two sides of the same coin. A template is the positive design and a stencil is the negative of a design. With one you’re tracing around the outside of the shape and with the other, you’re working inside of the shape.
So a great process that gives you both of these tools in one fell swoop is stencil cutting with Mylar. Mylar template sheets can be found in the fabric store. They’re usually frosted/opaque and used to create quilting shape templates. The only other tools required are a wood burning tool with a stencil cutting head and a pattern to follow. The pattern goes down first with the Mylar taped over it. Heat up the wood burning tool and then run it along the lines of the pattern. Move the tool continuously, don’t stop or you’ll make a hole in your template material. Once you’re done you’ll have both a template shape and a stencil. How efficient!


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