Friday Freebie: Edmonds Studio Tour

September 17, 2010

It’s the Edmonds Art Studio Tour this weekend! I can’t say enough about the quality of the work displayed in this event. The variety and talent on display is really impressive.
I suggest that even if you don’t live in the Edmonds, WA area go see the website: This site is an excellent example of good results when artist’s pool their resources and talent. If you ever wanted a road map for setting up an art studio tour in your area here it is: a template for a wonderfully organized, rich event. It’s made so simple and gives so much to the community not to mention the community of artists.

The week following the tour the artist’s that participated in the tour go on the tour themselves so they can get an idea of what it was like. Even though things have sold it’s a great idea for everyone to be able to see the displays from place to place. Be sure to check out the studio map and the individual artist’s pages on the website, too. This is such a rich visual feast and again, a free road map to how to really put on a quality art tour event!


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