Best Laid Plans

September 13, 2010

I had a few ideas that would have been entertaining IF I just could have carried them out… One was reflecting back on my show history in a novel way but the pix are still on my camera card. I had so many weird details to take care of before my surgery that I wasn’t able to do everything. For example the day before the surgery my wondy spousal unit and I had planned to finally see Avatar in 3D and go out to eat afterwards. His truck had to be returned to work, I needed to go to the bank, drop a completed job off and get an updated calendar printed for ArtWorks. The calendar got printed at 10:39 p.m. I think we got 4 hours of sleep before having to report to the surgery center. Not a great way to start this odd adventure and clearly a good example of what happens when too many things have to happen at once. I’m glad we went to the movies and dinner though. It’s always good to balance things out in some way.
Some things to share: – great resource, ebook on tools is free

Shaun the Sheep series of short 3D animations based on an idea by Nick Park (Wallace and Grommit creator) – extremely amusing and available thru NetFlix. Or go to and check out the stuff there. It’s hilarious. Enjoy!


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