Soon to Be One Handed

September 6, 2010

The count down is on… 6 a.m. Wednesday I’ll be waiting my turn for surgery so I can be one handed for the next two to three months.
I’ve been practicing one handedness and here’s what I’ve found:
1. The trick to pulling up pants is getting over the hump on your backside.

2. The trick to putting your socks on is to completely hold the sock open so you can get all of your toes in at once. Then it’s relatively easy to pull on the sock at different points to get it on.

3. Use a towel rack to hold your hairdryer being careful not to block the vents on it. I used a tee shirt or hand towel to help keep it in place. Then it’s a matter of holding your head to the hairdryer and brushing to dry. It’s surprisingly easy!

I can’t claim the brilliance on the hair dryer inventiveness. When I mentioned to my wonderful spousal unit that I hated to think of 2-3 months of bad hair days he replied: well we can either Velcro the hairdryer to the wall or your brush… Of course he was being his usual funny but it got me to thinking that he had something there. My Dad would have been proud.


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