PMC Channel Settings

August 25, 2010

I’ve been visiting my friends Kathy St. Martin and John Kulesa here in PA for a couple of days before going home. Kathy St. Martin is the only person I know that has figured out how to create channel settings using Precious Metal Clay. She has a rare brilliance for pushing the envelope with this material. You can see what I mean by checking out her Etsy site: Patinas Wings

Yesterday they took me to see a place that does repousee work in aluminum, copper and bronze. You can see the people that are making each and every item by hand, too. I got to talk with Ed at Wendell August about the work they do in the shop there. Apparently their original shop in Grove City, PA burned down back in March knocking out the back stock and machinery. Presently they’re trying to catch up and they 4 people working 12-14 hour days to do that. One person hammers out the shapes called blanks using a hydraulic hammer. Another person engraves patterns, someone else hammers the edges and then the pieces get polished. They make serving trays, trophies, coasters and now a new line being introduced by Emily Hendrie is jewelry made from the fabulous scrap. We were lucky enough to talk with Emily and see what she’s designing. She was kind enough to take us into the back room and show us the scrap pieces that she’s working with. I can’t wait to see the line being introduced on Sept. 10! Check out


One Response to “PMC Channel Settings”

  1. I had a GREAT time while you were here for the Phili 2010 Bead Fest. Of course I am thinking of you my dear friend.
    Thanks for sharing our interesting experiences with your people. We all can use new insights in the arts. And–Wendall August is a classic name/American business that has been around since 1923. Their art deserves to be checked out!!!

    Thanks for the plug too!!
    Kathy St Martin

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