New Tool: The Vagabond

August 13, 2010

I went to an evening presentation on new products introduced at the summer CHA show, (Craft and Hobby Association Show).   CHA is one of

It looks like a suitcase and comes with travel stickers!

those trade shows that brings manufacturer’s and store owners, demonstrators and artists all together in one place.  It’s roughly 3000 square feet of vendors all showing their wares to the retail trade, giving away some samples of things and showing what’s coming for the holiday season.

While I’ve been asked to demonstrate at CHA shows in the past I’ve always been booked to teach elsewhere so it has never materialized.  I’m interested in this trade show because it’s a major marketing mecca and one can always learn by observing this stuff in action.  I also do love to know how things work and this includes mediums, tools and so on.  I often find this information useful when teaching my classes because it helps my students understand the properties of the materials they’re working with better.  That sort of information always leads to a higher success rate as far as I’m concerned.

Okay so THE tool that everyone is buzzing about is the Vagabond, an electric die cutting and embossing machine designed by Tim Holtz with Sizzix, (aka the Ellison Company) due out in October sometime.  I already own a few die cutter/embossing machines though not electric so when I first heard about this I was pretty ho hum.  I’ve been planning on using my die cutters for everything from as small printmaking presses to jewelry and have quite a few ideas and designs to get to…then I went and watched the video on Tim Holtz’ blog and that was it.  The Vagabond can deeply emboss canvas, light gauge metal and even chip board.  Wow, do I ever have some ideas about these things.  Think: making books, jewelry, and bags!  You can see the video here:


2 Responses to “New Tool: The Vagabond”

  1. Jenn said

    I think the Cuttlebug can do all those things, too, and at a lower price point. Of course, you have to manually turn the handle, but still.

    That said Tim Holtz will always be a source of inspiration for me, and I don’t discount the coolness of his die cutting machine in the least.

    • meredith11 said

      And you have to strength and hands that work to make the Cuttlebug do those things. As one whose arm is going to get cut in half, I doubt I’ll be having much strength to do anything for awhile. =( Working one handed/wrong handed will definitely be a challenge. The one thing I will be able to do is type so there’s that! Good to hear from you!

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