Giving That Feeling

August 11, 2010

I have some artist friends from the Polymer Clay Collaborative and Mixed Media Retreat (yup, a mouthful!) that have created a culture of their own.  I have to laugh when I say that because really it’s going back in time rather than creating a NEW culture.  Let me explain…

When I was a kid it was customary to write ‘Thank You’ notes for gifts received on holidays, birthdays and weddings.  YUP – handwritten notes to each and every giver.  I always hated doing that.  It was such a chore to think of something special to say to each person and it took a lot of time.  Of course with text messaging, email, voicemail and all of these alternative methods for communication we don’t do those writing things/snail mail things so much anymore.

So quaintly or whatever you think, these few artists have gone back to making the world what they think it should be by sending actual handmade cards, cards made from scans of their art, painting envelopes and the like and mailing them.   I am a lucky recipient of these treasures and every time I get one I swear that I’m going to find the time to reciprocate… so far, no go!  So here on my living room coffee table sits my box of stationary, cards I’ve made, a liter pop bottle full of wrapped goodies waiting for the day I have time to write some small note, doodle some small art or something and mail it.   This stuff sits front and center where I always plunk myself down at the end of the day, do my emails, read the mail, etc.  so that I see it every day in the hopes I can do something about it.  Have I had a chance to finish a note, a doodle or get something assembled to mail?  Nope.  But I swear I will!  Why?  Because giving someone else the same feeling I get when I open a lovely piece of mail is the goal.  Creating that feeling and passing it on is a grand idea, a sweet notion if you will, that I want to do.  It’s like a hug from afar.  Someone thought enough of you to take some of their precious life time to let you know.  I want to do that!


One Response to “Giving That Feeling”

  1. Sydney Wellman said

    Mer, I am lucky to have you as a friend and to be part of that “card sub-culture”! I hope I’m on your list of recipients to get that feeling! xoxoSyd

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