August 9, 2010

PHEW!  It’s been a busy summer… right now I’m saying to myself: “summer? what summer?” and I SWORE last year that I would have a summer this year.  What happened?  Apparently time and I are not in sync somehow.  I suppose being busy is good but I do remember that one summer I had where I got to read a book hanging out in the patio swing, lolling and relaxing, listening to the birds and the quiet.  That summer I got to do some of my work out on the patio, quietly absorbed and intensely enjoying the time.  Gosh that would be a nice thing to do again…darn it!  Summer used to be my slow season.  Of course someone in marketing would say: you don’t have two slow seasons a year?  That’s GREAT!  Which is true so I can’t really complain.  However, I do dream of having a week or two of no place that I have to be except for my patio on sunny days.

On that note: my website ( has been updated for my upcoming schedule through November.  There are classes, classes, classes of all sorts listed there now.  I’m hoping to get to updating the galleries and some of the other pages shortly as well.  Go see and let me know what you hate (or love) about the site!  I really want to hear it!


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