Amazing Things I’ve Learned: iPad

August 6, 2010

I love my techie gadgets.  I do a lot of research before buying a thing because I want to make sure I’m not throwing my money away.  Yes, I’m  a frugal artist…  So when my husband popped up with an iPad for my birthday I told him to take it back.  I knew it was a mortgage payment or new plumbing and really, how worthy was it going to be compared to those things?   Well, adorable guy that he is, he made me keep it and I’ve learned that it’s what I thought: the best thing since sliced bread and here’s why:

When I was in W. Virginia I was the only one with a real internet connection (meaning larger than a cell phone) wherever I went.  I was even able to look up how effective boric acid powder or borax are at killing cockroaches while I was sitting in the back seat of a moving vehicle, (there are a LOT of bugs in the South in the summer).  This was pretty handy actually.  I learned that both are very effective and green bug controls for those horribly durable cockroaches.  Thank you iPad!

Yesterday I was working at ArtWorks but I didn’t have to take my laptop!  Instead I took my iPad and was able to access my laptop at home.  Isn’t that amazing?  It’s called Remote Desktop Control.  I was able to update my registration spreadsheets, process some checks and other business that I needed to do for ArtWorks without having all that stuff right on my iPad.   Think of all the stuff I can do for my own business now, too!  How cool is that?


2 Responses to “Amazing Things I’ve Learned: iPad”

  1. Pirkle said

    And you also were able to show us all my long lost brothers “artistical” videos from youtube. I will never underestimate magic window anymore 🙂

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