Bead Fest Philadelphia is coming up

August 3, 2010

Apologies for the lack of posts!  It’s been whirlwind busy: my friends from Switzerland came to visit mid-June.  Bea traveled with me to W. Virginia for the Polymer Clay Collaborative and Mixed Media Retreat and we returned last week.   She hopped a plane home the next day and that same day I picked up Dale Cougar Armstrong who was here in Seattle teaching last weekend.  Dale and I spent a couple of days together before flying home to Tennessee.  Then I taught a class at the Kirkland Art Center this last weekend… can you say busy? Where did the summer go?

I’m leaving in 2 weeks for Bead Fest Philadelphia which is shaping up to be a full show from the looks of things.   I’m often surprised at what I’m teaching because we book these things a year in advance.   I have four classes, two of which I may not teach again.  They’re new programs that I was asked to teach but I probably won’t teach them again.  Teaching combining materials is a complicated thing and teaching it on the road adds another level of difficulty.  Don’t get me wrong:  I don’t mind teaching complicated stuff and making it easy for others but on the road?  Well, that’s a lot of stress I can do without actually.


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