iPod App: Dropbox

July 9, 2010

File sharing  or taking your files with you on your iPhone/iPod Touch has just been made so much simpler.  An app called Dropbox gives you the ability to store, sync, share and take your files with you on your iPhone/iPod Touch.  It’s fantastic.

Simply download Dropbox from iTunes, set up your Dropbox on your ocmputer, (go to www.dropbox.com), drag and drop files into your Dropbox on your computer, sync your iPhone or iPod and viola, all this stuff is now is IN your apple device.  Dropbox gives you a couple of gigabytes of space to store files in your Dropbox online as a backup for your files and to sync the newest versions, etc.  Dropbox keeps the old version of a file for you for 30 days, too.  So if you accidentally wrote over a file you have in your Dropbox, you can still get it back!

Examples of how Dropbox can be useful:

I was in a meeting for the EDGE program recently, which includes a couple of lawyers who teach the business section of theprogram (see Artist’s Trust online for more info).  One lawyer referred to his teaching notes by looking at them on his iPhone.  He used Dropbox to move the class notes into his phone.

I put my presentation notes onto my iPod so that my talking notes would be with me for percolating on and refining when I didn’t have time to sit down and deal with that.  This replaced dragging my laptop with me in the hopes I would find some power for it and time for it to boot up, etc.  Instead, sitting in an office waiting for an appointment, I was able to read through what I had and make some revisions.  Dropbox will seamlessly sync the new version into my laptop during the next WiFi connection.   I can also use my iPod like a digital index card now instead of having my talking points on paper.  How green of me.

I put pictures of my work, handouts for my classes and more into my iPod and now I have them to print, refer to, show others or whatever.  This is a great relief when I’m traveling because I can have these files in my iPod but also print them from my online Dropbox storage: I don’t have to carry that laptop with me!   All of this in this compact little device that slips into my pocket.

Dropbox is available for the Blackberry, iPad, iPhone/Touch, Droid, Apple computer or PC.   Oh and did I tell you the best part?  Dropbox is FREE!


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