Artist’s Personal Assistant Found!

June 21, 2010

Whoa.  I finally found my personal assistant.  While the options aren’t as flexible as a real person might be it’s workable and useful and takes the pressure off at least on the financial and travel side for me besides not being as expensive in the long run.  Plus it saves me so much money it’s invaluable.  It’s a program for the iPod!  Okay, have I said how much I love my iPod??  Are you getting the idea just how much I love my iPod? =)

Pageonce is a company developing super featured financial software for the iPod/iPhone/iPad,  Blackberry,  Android or Windows Mobile devices (  Now don’t get me wrong: I hate doing books, administrative stuff and/or lots of math and such.  I do it because I have to but for my own stuff I often drag my feet. I just don’t want to pay that much attention to it.  So enter Pageonce Personal Assistant and Pageonce Bills software packages.  Each of these programs has key elements to offer to keep things straight for you so you don’t have to even really think about it!  I love that.  This is probably the best thing I’ve discovered since Costco Vanilla ice cream… (oh did I say that out loud?).

This shows me things in terms I can understand: VISUAL!

Pageonce Bills takes about 5 minutes  or so to set up with your accounts and a password (depending on how many accounts you set up).  From there it does the rest.  Because I live in a WiFi world whatever it does is invisible to me until I turn on my iPod or look at my email!  If a bill is coming due there is a message on my home screen of my iPod telling me that my phone bill is due in a week.  Whenever there is a change in my credit card account, like the new due date set, Pageonce sends me an email to let me know what the new due date is.  No more late fees, no more forgetting or not having time to look at what’s due.  No more being on the road and totally spacing these things out.  How cool is that?

Pageonce Personal Assistant goes a step further than that:  it includes the ability to view your Netflix queue, view feeds from social networking sites, monitor banking, credit card and investment accounts, and tracking any travel itineraries you may have with confirmation numbers, flight times/flight numbers and everything you need to check in at the airport.  It will even track your cell phone minutes for you if you want.

Now that load is taken off my mind so I can focus in on other things.  I’m still in awe about this, can you tell?  What do these little beauties cost?  Pageonce Bills is FREE!  Pageonce Personal Assistant has a free version but for full functionality it costs a whopping $6.99.  YUP. A personal assistant for a one time fee of under $7.  Go figure.


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