Great iPod Apps for Artists

June 16, 2010

Periodically I like to share what new stuff I’ve turned up to use on my iPod Touch.  I think everyone knows by now that I love my iPod.  It’s like having a little computer in my pocket and I’m finding that the need to drag my laptop around is diminished because of it.  The iPod Touch and iPhone are almost the same device except that the Touch isn’t an actual phone.   One of my brothers has an iPhone  and we recently compared notes.  He’s  found that he doesn’t need to travel with his laptop so much anymore thanks to his iPhone, too.  I’ll post about some of the programs that make the iPod or iPhone a good stand-in for a notebook computer another time.  Today we’re all about artistic fun.

Of course, while  the iPod Touch or iPhone make the usual productivity and financial programs more succinct and fun there are also attractive creative programs like PhotoFunia.  PhotoFunia lets you take any photo or image and apply a large array of special effects on them.  For example, you can make anyone into the Mona Lisa painting or put their face onto the front of a newspaper.  The templates are pre-existing and the program puts your choice of photo into the supplied vignettes.  You just choose the photo and the effect and boom, it’s done.   I thought the hand drawn option which turns everything into a graphite drawing was delightful and gave a really cool and different look at my image choice.  Check out samples of the effect templates at and be prepared to be impressed.

Fountain Free is a drawing program for the iPod/iPhone and probably the iPad by now.  This is a quick little sketching program that provides options for different ink colors, background and fill tool.  It’s simple and easy to quickly draw something when you don’t have time to look for a pen or other drawing tool.  And it’s free.

Imposing and impressive Iron Man.

Still another app that is artistic and just fun to look at is Marvel, the comics reader for iPod/iPhone/iPad.  The art is exemplary of the genre and there are free issues of comics, too.  It’s been a long time since I read a comic book and this really gives you as similar an experience as is possible to have without paper involved.  I really liked Iron Man telling me how to navigate through the electronic comic.

He’s pretty impressive.   It’s free as well!

There are zillions of free programs, podcasts and video podcasts available.  I have lots more to tell you about but for another day.  Make your day a creative one!


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