Understand Your Money

June 14, 2010

The final word about about recovering data from my suddenly corrupted hard drive: it looks like Disk Digger was the ticket. There is a lot of chaff to go through but I’ve seen the photos of my work and a ton of documents that I thought were lost. It was funny though: that first scan through showed a lot of my files but when the scan was done, the files were not recoverable. If you run into this with Disk Digger I advise running the scan again. I did that and it went a lot faster and all of my files were recoverable after the second go round. So be persistent.
Other great technology available, especially for those of us artists struggling to keep our numbers and our money straight include a fabulous program for the iPod called Mint.   Mint is free and gives you the ability to have a record of your transactions, budgets, income and debt in your pocket. To make it all work you have to go through your bank transactions to accurately categorize the transactions. Once you have the categories straight Mint automatically does the summaries and break out reports for you. Even better: you do all the meaty work on your computer in your Mint account and it syncs to your iPod. Overall it functions similarly to Quicken but is a lot more intuitive. I’ve tried working with the big Q for a number of years now yet have never been able to get to actually creating a budget. But I was able to create a budget for myself in a couple of hours with Mint.
Be sure to set password protection so your financial is safe. From there it’s just a matter of seeing how much money is left in your budget for dining out or saving up for the holidays, etc. It’s definitely a winner! Check out http://www.mint.com/ and get Mint for your iPod through iTunes.


One Response to “Understand Your Money”

  1. This is an outstanding post!! Those speakers look sound amazing!!!

    You can also check iPod’s online headquarters at:


    get “Mint” for your iPod there!!

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