Friday Freebie: Sharky Shark at Work

May 28, 2010

Sharky Shark had fun swimming in the lamp at ArtWorks!

Remember when I posted about ‘Take Your Pet Shark to Work Day’?  I promised to post the pix I took of Sharky Shark from that day.    I apologize for the delay.  The place where I keep all of my pictures crashed (external hard drive) and I thought these were there.  It turned out that these pictures were still on my camera card which is fortunate.  Not so fortunate for all of my pictures from Switzerland and Paris last Fall… but I’m trying to recover those.  Anyway, Sharky had a great time at work that day.  I’ll let the picture captions tell you the story!

Sharky menaces the shadows on the wall at ArtWorks. He wanted to come to the Art Experience Series #2, the shadow event, but he wasn't allowed to come. No one wanted to see shadows with big bites out of them!

NO Sharky! NO! Sharky bites Todd Waddell, owner of Bountiful Home in Edmonds, WA (

I found Sharky hiding out or perhaps taking a rest?

I went to make some tea and Sharky found he likes the teapot.

Then I looked everywhere for Sharky and I caught him: coming out of the fridge!

Lunch time, finally! Sharky likes to CRUNCH things!

That isn't kelp Sharky!

I think Sharky is just trying to bite me... What a rubber scamp.


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