Insuring Your Own Success

May 12, 2010

There are a few ways to help insure your own success.  One is to know that all business plans change.  That plan is a reflection of where you are and where you want to be at the time that you made it.  There are always new things coming into play:  opportunities, advantages, disadvantages and changes.  Each of these things can change your plan and that’s okay.  Expect your plan to change.  Responding to these changes, for example, garnering all the benefits of some opportunity though it isn’t in your plan but will provide an avenue to move you closer to your goal is good business sense.  Business plans will change to reflect situations, goals do not.  Goals change when they are accomplished and new goals are set or revisions in goals are made.  Remember:  goals are your focus, focus is your strategy.

Amazing opportunities arise all the time.  Being able to assess the opportunities for your purposes is a huge benefit.  If you have clear goals it’s easier to assess those opportunities.  For example, if you know you want to get your work into a gallery and someone offers you a job, how will this impact working toward your goal?  Maybe the time required for you to work will make you less able to produce your art.  Perhaps the job offer will afford you money to pay for the supplies you need to make your work or create a marketing a piece of your existing work?  One way it might move you further from your goal and another way might bring you closer.  Bottom line: you have a goal to measure and balance your decision making by.   This focus will create the means for you to develop your decision making abilities and business sense.  This focus will insure your sucess.


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