Time Management for Artists

May 3, 2010

Okay, I said that I would post the pix from “Take Your Pet Shark to Work Day” today but time has gotten away from me!  Yup.  That ever elusive thing we call TIME…   I promise that tomorrow I will work on getting the pictures in order so that I can post Sharkey Shark’s adventures at ArtWorks during the set up for the Art, Wine and Chocolate event last Friday.  It will make you laugh!

Now back to that thing we call time…  What the heck is time management, you say?  Doesn’t that seem to be something of an ambiguous animal to us artists?  Yeah, I suppose so.  Especially when you’re making something and all track of time is lost, right?   The basis for time management is to learn what you really do with your time most and if you’re utilizing it the way YOU want to.  That said, it requires writing down everything you do and how long you do it for over the span of a day or a week (whatever you can do really) without changing anything you normally do.  I actually did this for a week years ago (I don’t have time for it now!) when reading through “Time Management Inside and Out” by Julie Morgenstern and “Time Management for the Creative Person” by Lee Silber.   I found out that:

1.  my feeling that I was getting nothing accomplished was incorrect.

2.  because I was focused on how I was using my time, it forced me to see what I really did with it, how I could improve using my time and so on.

3.  I own my time and can sell it or give away however I choose.  I can even give it to myself.

Now #3 may seem obvious but it’s something that I think everyone (including me) needs to keep front and center or keeps re-learning over time.  Your time is your life, after all.

I think one of the best things I learned was where my high energy part of the day is and where my energy isn’t in each day.  This helped me plan high energy tasks during the time that I would actually have the energy to do them.  What a concept!  I’m amazed at how much I get done in a day now.


4 Responses to “Time Management for Artists”

  1. Macky said

    nice one! thanks for sharing =)

  2. dee said

    thanks for the article – well worded

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