Major Marketing: a Website

April 28, 2010

One of the biggest marketing tools in your arsenal is right in front of you: your computer.  All in one device you can research for resources and exhibit venues, find opportunities, find other artists, communicate with zillions of people even while you sleep, discover more reasonable suppliers, get involved with social networking sites and display your work 24/7 in your own gallery.  These are all things that would have cost a lot of money to hire out for in years gone by.  So here is an amazing opportunity for you, if only you knew how to use it, yes?

Let’s start with some resources for creating your own website.  What do you want it to look like?  What kinds of pages do you want to have?  What about different sections?    On my website, ( I have a gallery divided into the different types of work that I do, my classes schedule, and some credentials (bio, where my work is published, articles I’ve written, exhibition history, etc.) and some fun stuff to inspire others.

Since a blog isn’t the best way to learn about creating your own website, I have collected other sites that include videos to help you begin and move along toward doing so:

I hope this helps to start you on your way to creating your online presence.  You can even create web pages in Word and then save them out in HTML or as web pages that can be uploaded to your site.  This gives you some easy control and the ability to work with something familiar, too.  Good luck!


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