How Much Marketing Do You Need?

April 24, 2010

Good question…  I know I’ve posted about some of the more annoying habits of perpetual marketing types but a quick rule of thumb is to remember we’re all human beings and like to be respected.  I think the hard sell is a real turn off.  In fact, I think it does the opposite of increasing business traffic.  Yeah, I think it creates lost business.  I look  at me as an example:

I was teaching in another state and invited to an organization’s dinner.  Many teachers were in town and they do this every year.  One of the people that came was a representative from a wholesale company that was vending at the show.  They proceeded to turn the dinner into their own personal promotional event.

What would have impressed me?  First off, if the representative took some time to talk to the people at the dinner FIRST before requiring everyone’s attention to listen to their sales spiel almost as soon as they walked in the door.  This would have been respectful of the reason why we were all there.  Instead all conversation was abruptly required to halt so that this person could have the room’s attention.  They did this by wolf whistling at such a decibel, in a restaurant no less, that it was ear splitting.  This is not great restaurant behavior besides being extremely rude and manipulative.  REALLY not impressive behavior for someone that wishes to make more sales.  Aggressive sales tactics can backfire.

This was a great object lesson in not having respect for your potential customers and why respect is so important.  I do not like being manipulated or treated as if I were there just for that person to pitch to.  I was not impressed.  In fact, I left.


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