Four Ideas to Expand Your Work

April 14, 2010

1. Try something new!  Take a quick class, research something you’ve always wanted to know about or try doing something that you read about in a magazine.   Take 20 minutes to do this.  Once you get going, you’ll be doing and the 20 minutes will come and go…

2.  Take a walk, even a 5 minute walk.  It’s amazing how even a short walk can clear your mind of all the stupid things that clutter it up.  Once you’re feeling clear go to the studio.  Fresh things will happen.

3.   Take 20 minutes to work with new colors.  It’s amazing how using colors you don’t normally use will expand your work.   I call this “making friends” with new colors.  Once you understand new colors, how they work, what they go with, etc. you will be off and running because now you have skills to use.

4.  Take one technique or medium and try every way you can think of to use it.  For example, I’ve taken white glue as my thing to explore, yes good old white glue, and applied it onto a layer of paint in places and then painted over it just to see what it would look like.  When I found I liked the translucence it created, I took it a step further and mixed it into my paint.  After that I laid things into it on my painting like tin foil, sequins, lace, you name it.  I ended up having more ideas than time.

So go for it.  You’ll have so much fun!


5 Responses to “Four Ideas to Expand Your Work”

  1. Mer, The technique using white glue reminded me of a technique I used years ago. In a random pattern, drizzle glue over an abstract magazine collage. After it dries, go in-between with turpentine to remove the color between the dried glue. Fun!!

  2. mariesegal said

    5. work with others, as play together. Sitting and playing with others and different mediums always expands my brain and gets me going.
    Adult day-exploring mediums! AD-EM!

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  4. […] 4. Welcome to Meredith’s World Four Ideas to Expand Your Work […]

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