Jump Starts to Get IN the Studio

April 12, 2010

I was recently on a panel for the BizArt conference with 3 other artists in other disciplines (an actor, musician and a “slash artist”: a producer/audio specialist and writer/radio personality).  The audience asked some interesting questions that got me thinking about what it is we usually want to know, as artists, from those that are willing to talk about it.

The question of how to get yourself into the studio was asked – as it always is.  In fact, on just about every panel I’ve ever been on that question and one other have been asked.  I’ll get to the other one down the road.

Eric Tingstad, Grammy Award winning musician and producer, explained his trick is to place his guitars in the way of the computer when he goes to bed.  This is his cue in the morning to go into the studio before all else.  You can hear his music on his My Space page:


This is much like my trick of making space in the studio that is ready for me to just sit down and work.  I do this the night before so that when I get up, there it is calling to me.   I’ve even left a new book open on my work table to lure myself into the studio.   It’s so hard to resist that I just don’t.   I think we tend to do whatever is easiest and fighting off that call is harder than just listening to it.

It also helps to create a habit.  If you make yourself spend 2 hours in the studio on two days a week, chances are that will become a habit.  You’ll miss it when you don’t do it.  I find that it ends up being much more than 2 hours studio time on those days, too.  So pick a beginning point just to get in there.  Remember Yoda says there is no try, just DO!  =)


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