What Do You Make?

April 2, 2010

My friend, Tory Hughes, just sent me this great YouTube link that she knew I appreciate as a teacher.   Being a teacher can be a difficult road to hoe, being an artist/teacher has it’s own hurdles as well.  When people hear I travel teach I can see in their eyes that they think it’s such a glamorous thing and I hate to pop that bubble.  That’s what I thought once, too.  Now I know that living in a hotel isn’t as much fun as you think it is.  Neither is having to physically haul all this stuff, ship this stuff, coordinate, organize, and collate all this stuff, put the money out before it comes back, and sometimes that shipment just doesn’t show up wherever you are…   All those details take over your entire life: scheduling, arranging flights, lodging, meals (allergic to wheat and ya gotta eat!), student kits, materials, equipment, supplies, transpo and so on.  I often wonder what sort of monster have I created here?   Did I step into something so crazy that there will be a point that I just can’t even think of doing it anymore?  Then I see this video and realize that it is my opportunity to… well, you’ll have to watch the vid:

YouTube – “What Teachers Make,” by TAYLOR MALI


One Response to “What Do You Make?”

  1. mariesegal said

    Glamourous Right? Keeps you skinny though, all that hauling!
    Happy Easter Sweetie!

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