Apple iPad is Almost Here

March 29, 2010

New Apple iPad coming April 3rd.

I remember watching Star Trek: TNG,  (The Next Generation for those of you not knowing), and thinking how cool the digital pads were that they used in that series.  Well, it’s finally here!  Or about to be here on April 3rd.   The Apple iPad is just such a device.  It has a 9.7″ (diagonal measurement), color touch screen and functions a lot like the iPhone or iPod Touch but with some incredible improvements, according to the reviews I’ve seen.

The iPad can run all of the apps available at iTunes for the iPhone and iPod Touch.  The interface is either through the touch screen or on screen keyboard that can be called up when needed.  Turning the screen horizontally also orients the keyboard to be larger on the pad.  The device will run movies, display photos, and there is even software that will give you the ability to create, edit and work on Office documents such as Excel and Word files.  You can surf the net, do email, read ebooks and newspapers online.

So imagine:  reading a page on a website, to scroll down you use your finger, not a mouse or keyboard key or styli.  To select the next picture, you just use your finger to slide the current one to one side and another one comes into view.  Again, no mouse or keyboard or styli required.

I love the iPhone/iPod Touch interface and I think this is brilliant.   I posted a couple of months ago a comparison between the Kindle and Nook book readers.  As I said then, it was disappointing to find that neither really supports color.  The Nook has color in it’s sliding selector but that’s it.   The iPad device has all the features that the E-readers are missing and more.  I can see where the iPad could replace a laptop, for example.  It’s an E-reader, video player, computer, and only 1.5 lbs with a 10 hour battery (according to Apple). More details and even videos about it are at:

What more do you need?


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  1. mariesegal said

    I need a tractor!
    Happy Easter Mer!!

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