Home Again

March 26, 2010

I got home last night from New Mexico.  I flew out right before another storm hit.  Someone said it was supposed to rain and snow again and I should check my flight.  I didn’t check and perhaps I got lucky.  I checked and it looks like there is rain in ABQ and more snow in Santa Fe.

On the other hand, the weather in Seattle:  GORGEOUS.  It’s almost 70 degrees and I was working outside without a coat.  I’m ready for Winter to be over.

Spring kicks energy into my art thoughts.  I get motivated to clean the studio, get on to new work and have a ton of new ideas that I’ll probably forgot most of before I get to them.  Still it’s all inspiring, substantial and rich.  Every day is inspiring, substantial and rich.  Isn’t that a great goal?  Just think what sort of life this makes!  Viola! It doesn’t get any better than this.

Check out Tory’s blog:   www.toryhughes.com/ She writes just the way she is in person, is very wise and very interested in creativity.   Thank you Tory for such rich company over wonderful meals while I was in Santa Fe.  I always love your company.

Thanks to my lovely friend, Margie Disque, for our visit.  I knew the first time I met you in person at Art Universe that we were destined to be great friends!  I love how you can just sit down and start doing calligraphy like that.  It’s amazing.

Funny story:  Margie picked me up from ABQ airport where I had dropped my rental car.  We’re driving through quaint neighborhoods and Margie exclaims, “Did you see that woman getting out of her car?  She has a broom and a case of beer!”  We started laughing.  Can you imagine the woman’s shopping list?  Was it a ‘B’ shopping day or what?    My husband says:  Maybe the broom is for sweeping away the cans later?


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