Impress Yourself

March 22, 2010

I love and have mentioned this site before, I know, but it is so rich that it bears repeating and repeating and… you get the idea.

Santa Fe snowstorm, March 2010

I’m here in Santa Fe with 4 inches of snow on the ground, the sun is shining and here I am planning to make a new hand bound book in my hotel room.  My classes are done and this is how I amuse myself on a snowy day.  As I’m working my thoughts are turning to what and the Universe sent me a few days ago.  The message was that nothing would exist without being imagined first.  Huh.  Such a nutshell.  Yes, it’s true: you have to think it before anything can happen.   So wouldn’t it be good to improve those thoughts or creative ideas?  Such a simple equation, right?  This is the part that takes work.  This is the part that baffles the non-artist.  How many times have you heard: so what made you think of this?   Ahhh, okay, I see that you’re getting that now.

There are some people that just DO.  They don’t think about it first.  I am one of those.  I don’t like to plan my work.  I like to have room for the AHA! moments but that said: we are thinking about what we’re doing even if we aren’t planning it out.  The thought that maybe this color goes better or that shape would a good addition – this is all thinking of it first.

So, impress yourself:  see how much you think about stuff.  See what you think.  How can that be different?  Do you just think about the To Do list or do you find yourself thinking about colors when you look out the window?  Take note of what you’re thinking.  If you don’t like what you see, change it.  Think more about what you want to think.  How about thinking “I am the most talented *insert name here* that has ever existed”.  Or what about just observing colors for a day? Then another day, observe just shapes?   Every time you focus on a thing it will become more real to you.

View from my window, Santa Fe, 2010


One Response to “Impress Yourself”

  1. mariesegal said

    I love Tut too! Everyone needs a voice of reason, love, and praise talking to them everyday.
    Wonderful ideas for creating Mer, Thank you!
    Beautiful pictures too!!
    Safe trip home!
    Love and hugs.

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