Art Technique Friday

March 12, 2010

Happy Friday!  The art technique of the day is using modeling paste and ideas for that to get you thinking/going/using/doing.

Golden’s Modeling Paste is a thick acrylic paste that you can use to create texture in a painting, on a book cover, etc.   How?

Lay it on with a brush or spatula in thick fashion.

Ways to Add Texture:

1. Come back through it either drawing with your finger or a tool to make designs.

2. stamp into it with bold rubber stamps.  The stamp will pull some of the paste away leaving a texture behind.

3. stamp into the paste with a potato masher, wire grid cooling rack, sequin waste, rough fabric, produce netting, or brush into it with a silicone basting brush.

4. using the side of a credit card, make slice marks.

5. lay in the veined side of a rhododendron leaf.

Once you have the texture you want, let it dry.  This takes awhile so do more than one piece at a time!

The fun part is painting over the textures.  Two tone shading can be achieved using a base color first and then applying metallic paints only on the high spots.  Or brush the paint only from one direction.

See for some texture paste examples.  Have fun!


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