Amazon Wish List

March 8, 2010

Someone recently asked me how it was that I could research so many different books considering that I have 9 jobs, not much studio time and so on.  I told them that I use the Amazon Wish List to my advantage.  But it turned out that they didn’t know about the Amazon Wish List.  So for those of you that may not know about the Amazon Wish List: you can keep a record of all the books that you wish you had on a wish list at Amazon.  You can click into that list when you go to the website and sign in.  Yes, it requires that you set up your free account there but I’ve had one for years and have never been slammed with emails from Amazon or spam because of it.

Anyway, I put any book that I find interesting onto my Wish List at Amazon.  Later when I have time, I’ll read more about the book or look inside of the book online if that’s an option.   Whenever I hear of a book, I go to Amazon, find it, and slap it onto the old Wish List and there it stays until I delete it.

I currently have 4 pages of books on my Wish List dating back some years now.  Amazon gives you the option to rate how important a book is to you so that others shopping for you would know which one you want the most for your birthday or whatever.   I don’t have time to rate my books and I don’t think anyone uses my list but me.  Although, someone could use my list if they wanted to because I didn’t keep my list private, yet another option among the many provided by Amazon.

Tip of the Day: Create your Amazon Wish List!


One Response to “Amazon Wish List”

  1. Syd said

    Mer, I love my wish list. The other resource that helps me to keep my 1000s of books organized is I am embarrassed to say that I have purchased books twice! Library Thing is a quick check to prevent that. A best practice is to add the book immediately after it’s purchased.

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