Blog Post Schedule

March 5, 2010

Well, a friend mentioned to me that I post too much for her to read.  I never thought of this of course.  So this got me thinking about creating a Blog Post Schedule.  It would be easier for everyone if there were one, even for me.  So on that note, I’m going to be posting on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays and see how that works.

This will also give me some time to go on my little tangents so I have more to write about! =)

Paper Puppet Palooza

Speaking of which, my most recent tangent to share is some interesting books I’ve come across.  A new one to me was ‘Paper Puppet Palooza’.  Wow, check this baby out.  There are some great characters in here along with some cool construction ideas for articulating paper puppets or shadow puppets.  I was particularly fascinated with how to make a puppet mouth/jaw move up and down.  If you didn’t know, I’ve been working on a marionette necklace.  I’m still in the process of honing into how it’s going to work so this book was really intriguing to me.

Who's Your DaDa?

Another book that really caught my attention was Linda and Opie O’Brien’s newest book ‘Who’s Your DaDa?’.  This is about art dolls but they’re not your normal, every day kinda art dolls.  The creatures and critters in this book are subliminal somehow.  They seem to talk to some inner, tribal sense that I found very cool to witness.  Really inspiring stuff.


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