Skim Mode of Living

February 26, 2010

I think that with the increase in networking, the information age, computers, cell phones, text messaging and so on we’ve moved into what I call “Skim Mode”.  While there was some of this before the advent of these new fangled technologies it wasn’t as concentrated as it is today.  For example, what do you do when you get 80 emails in your InBox in a day?  How about when you’ve gotten those 80 emails, 10 text messages and about as many voicemail messages in one day?  Now let’s add a myriad of Tweets… Okay.  So you’re in Skim Mode.

The danger of Skim Mode is that you start doing this with everything, not just messages in various forms.  Your spouse is talking to you but you’re in Skim Mode.  Things are so busy in your head from weeding through all of those emails, Tweets, voicemails and text messages that you’re always in Skim Mode.   Now you don’t even have time for the real people in your life.

Don’t spend your life in Skim Mode.  Do whatever is required to pare it down to include the things you can really handle, things you can actually do.  Otherwise you run the risk of realizing that weeks have gone by and you were somewhere else but nowhere good.


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