Resources for the Business of Art

February 25, 2010

We have the EDGE program running right now.  Sorry if you’ve heard it before but the EDGE program is a 50 hour professional development program for artists to help them in business.  This curriculum was created by Artist Trust ( and I am the Program Coordinator for this program at Edmonds Community College (   If you’re an artist in business or interested in resources for artists, I encourage you to visit the Artist Trust website.

I always learn of new resources when we run this program and thought some of you would be interested in what’s new:

10 Myths of Copyright Explained – just click on this title to go to the article. Do not email this guy for legal advice (read his article all the way to the end!).  There is good current info on new laws recently enacted concerning online activities, etc. – a website that will track your connections & mentions online which is useful marketing info to have. Like tracking your 6 degrees of separation!
This is a subscription service but for individuals, it’s very reasonably priced.  This is a serious tool.  Normally you would be paying thousands of dollars a year for this info. – a magazine for artists online.  The website contains more:  an online community, blogs, gallery and is a social networking site for artists.  YUP, an artists Facebook, if you will.  It is FREE to join and is a great networking tool for artists.

I hope these resources expand your artistic world!


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