OneNote Uncovers My Problem

February 24, 2010

Okay, so I’ve been teaching myself the program OneNote, (see post from a few days ago) and organizing some projects, my travel teaching for the year, and so on.   I made a Travel notebook which has each show in it, all my reservation confirmations/receipts for hotels, cars, flights and stuff.  I’m really liking having all of this tied into pertinent emails or Word documents and so on.

So it occurs to me to create a notebook for my classes where I can keep my electronic contracts, proofs for PR text, class descriptions used in different quarters, materials and supplies each class will need, things that need to be shipped or ordered – you get the idea.  Then I get the brilliant idea that the first page of that notebook should be a list of my classes for the next two quarters (Spring and Summer).  Well, this gave me the opportunity to tie this into a calendar update for my website because now I can send the web pages to OneNote and have those class descriptions, class fees and stuff right in front of me instead of having to bounce back and forth from the different websites of umpty gumpty venues that I’m teaching for.  OH and umpty gumpty is THE operative word here because once I had listed in chronological order all of the classes I am booked for in the next two quarters it became abundantly clear what my problem is.  I am scheduled to teach 31 classes in the next two quarters in 11 different venues on 9 or 10 different subjects.  HUH?  Who’s doing my scheduling?  Some crazy dingbat? Some wing nut? Oh and what about the day job and the gallery and creating and… Will OneNote teach my classes for me?  Pleaaaaase?


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