More About OneNote

February 20, 2010

OneNote lets you create electronic notebooks with file folders and such so that you can keep things together in one place.  For example, you can save all relevant emails into one section of a project notebook.  You can save batches of emails at one time just by selecting them and clicking ‘Send to OneNote’. You can even save appointments from an Outlook calendar into a notebook and have that info linked between the calendar and your OneNote notebook.  This is nice when you’re involved in a project and need to refer back and forth between notes and the calendar.  It’s a real time saver.

Another nice feature in OneNote is the ability to create notes on a page that can be moved around much like a sticky note.  Because the text color can be changed, important things to remember are easier to see and not forget.  OneNote also lets you tag your notes for importance or to make a phone call or whatever.  There is a whole array of tags available and you can customize them as well.
OneNote being used for a business application.
OneNote lets you insert pictures and files from elsewhere on your computer.  One of the examples shown in a demo video at Microsoft is if you’re planning a trip and watching airfare rates on two different websites.  To compare and remember what both sites are offering at the same time you can open both websites in two different browser windows, place them side by side and take a screen shot of them (Fn key + Prnt Scrn on your keyboard saves a picture of the screen to your clipboard).  Then you can bring the screen shot into OneNote and save it onto a page.  Later you can bring in more info to compare with what was offered today, make notes about it and so on.    This feature is great to bring in a map for directions to somewhere, for example.
Once you have installed OneNote you’ll find that you always have the option to print anything to OneNote as if it it were a printer.  Any document or file can be printed to OneNote this way.  It will appear in OneNote as an Unfiled page which can be moved into the appropriate notebook.
If you’re interested in learning more about OneNote and all the things you can do with it there are a couple of videos on YouTube and demo vids on Microsoft’s website but also there is a blog by the developers of the program.  Here’s one:

And remember:  being organized allows you the space to create free of chaos.


2 Responses to “More About OneNote”

  1. Syd said

    Mer, Thanks for posting about OneNote. It is on my PC, but I wasn’t aware what an excellent program it is!! Now I need to get up to speed. Microsoft should be paying you royalties! 🙂

  2. meredith11 said

    You’re welcome Syd! I didn’t know what it was for either and had a moment to Google it. I’m so glad I did! It’s amazing and worth learning, no question. What a huge help and time saver to find everything I need for a specific job, etc. Now I’m not wondering: “Did I remember to do that?” so much. =)

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