Aisle 7

February 13, 2010

I always have an adventure.  Every day  I plan on it and make space for it.  When I was in Tucson, my friend from Switzerland and I were in the grocery store aptly named ‘Food City’.  It sounded like my kind of place: simple and to the point.

Jesus is on Aisle 7.

As we were wandering around looking for things, we noticed many things that aren’t in our every day grocery, even in Switzerland.  They had Kokopelli and other petroglyphs on the wall above the dairy case which was pretty cool.  Then I saw Aisle 7.  I couldn’t believe my eyes.   Jesus was on Aisle 7! Guadalupe was on Aisle 7…The Last Supper was on AISLE 7!

I’ve never seen a grocery store where you could buy Jesus or The Last Supper.  Clearly this was a different kind of place.  See just how different tomorrow…

A close up of Aisle 7.


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